STELIX is an art duo comprised of myself – Felicity Ford (colloquially known as FELIX) and Stavroula Kounadea (known to most as STAV). I have hand-knitted a speaker system and am building a radio according to the instructions of a 1950s ladybird book for boys; Stav can wire up a plug and use a wire stripper as effectively as she can bake a dozen cupcakes. Mixing our worlds in scores, DIY learning programmes, performances and installations, we’ve made artwork about such things as handbags, mixtapes, sewing machines, food-colours and making our own pants.

Coming respectively from soundart and performing arts backgrounds, we share a passion for fun, baking, beer, turbans, crafts, road-trips and practices that collapse the borders between ordinary life and extraordinary art.

We love:
Miranda July
Sophie Calle
Mundane Appreciation

We read:
Georges Perec
Joe Moran
Tom Hodgkinson

We listen to:
Sewing machines
Hand-built electronic instruments
(and sometimes) The Smiths

Our dream job:
Lecturing at The School of Life
Publishing instruction scores / philosophies celebrating the meaning of everyday life
Building a sonic cupcake empire

When we work together our plan is:
To facilitate
To inspire
To extend the warmth and humour of our collaboration to you

Current STELIX projects: