Sonic Wallpapers

Title: Sonic Wallpapers
Materials: field-recordings, interviews, historic wallpapers from the MoDA collection
About: A year-long investigation of MoDA’s historic wallpaper collection. Participants offered their responses to selected historic wallpapers in the MoDA collection, and their recorded interviews formed the basis for audio pieces. Field-recordings were collected and layered to augment, illustrate and extend interviewees’ home-decorating fantasies and domestic memories. 18 Sonic Wallpaper pieces combining the interviews and field-recordings were subsequently composed and these audio works have been published on a CD with an accompanying book, in a radio show for framework:afield, and online on the MoDA website and also on the project blog.
2012, commissioned by MoDA

All images of wallpaper shown here © MoDA and used with their kind permission

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