Myself and Valeria Merlini met in Tallinn, Estonia, where we ran a documentation and production workshop on behalf of framework radio together.

This workshop had several goals;

  • to explore how sound can be used to document listening experience
  • to creatively record and represent the experience of Tuned City, Tallinn
  • to initiate a range of attendants into the practices and possibilities of field-recording
  • to lay the groundwork for a retrospective radio show to be broadcast via the framework:afield programme series on framework:radio
  • to create shorts each day to be played to audiences on the next day of the festival, creating a sense of aural memory or recapping throughout the Tuned City Festival
  • Our respective interests in sound meant that our documentary workshop dealt not only with recording the sounds introduced to Tallinn by the Tuned City Festival, but also with the acoustics and sounds of the city itself and its distinctive buildings and architecture,and the relationship between the sounds and compositions and the structures and resonances of Tallinn.

    With workshop participants we explored the whole idea of how one builds narratives or conveys experience via the medium of sound, and investigated a range of creative approaches to “telling the story” of the Tuned City Festival in the shorts we produced together with all the participants.

    For example in this first short, together with workshop participants, we collected interviews with audience members who had attended the concert on the first night of the Festival. We then combined the welcome speeches from the opening night of the festival with field-recordings featuring signature sounds of the city, and added in documentation of our investigation of the city of Tallinn via the soundmap to help convey a sense of place to future listeners. Short interviews and recordings of some of the installations placed around Tallinn as part of the festival round off the short, and it was played to the audience of Tuned City the next morning, to recap on the previous days’ sound events…

    …here are the other shorts we produced during the workshop, together with the participants – Kaisa Sammelselg; Lewis McGuffie; Daniel Edward Allen and Kadi Pilt.

    Following on from this engagement, we subsequently ran a documentation workshop at Audiograft 2012 in Oxford, UK, with a similar focus on documenting soundart festivals through creative uses of montage and field-recording, the results of which can be heard here.

    The workshops we have developed together have also led to several broadcasts on framework:afield which can be heard at the following locations:

    We will be working together again in March and June 2013 as part of Tuned City, Brussels.

    If you would like to contact us regarding the creative documentation of your soundart event, we can be reached at felixbadanimal [AT] hotmail [DOT] com or vmerlini [AT] mmp [DOT] it.

    The photo at the top of this page is © John Grzinich, and was taken during Tuned City Tallinn. It is used here with his kind permission.